Company Profile


    Prince Supermarket (Cambodia) Co., Ltd is an affiliate under Prince Real Estate (Cambodia) Group Co., Ltd. The company takes "We Understand You and Life" as its business philosophy, positioning itself as "An Innovative Boutique Supermarket". The goal is to "Integrate into the Community as a Good Neighbor and Provide Quality Products to Help Residents Achieve a Good Life". Since its opening, the Company has always been working hard, learning, and growing.


    Business Positioning


    Prince Supermarket is comprised of three sub-brands: "Prince Market", "Prince Fresh" and "Prince Lifestyle":

    Prince Market, according to its size and scope, aims to "Meet Shopping Needs at One Stop".

    Prince Fresh, focusing on fresh food, caters to a life taste of "quality and leisure".

    Prince Lifestyle is set to provide convenience and daily necessities.


    The 3 business divisions coordinate and advance together to create a "Saves for a good life" shopping experience for our customers.


    Strategy and Development Plan


    Prince Supermarket implements the development idea of "Internal Growth and External Expansion". On one hand, it cooperates with the development of real estate projects and promotes brand upgrading with brick and mortar business services; on the other hand, it actively plans a development strategy in regional centers, seeking suitable properties to expand and building a strong brand image in the market.


    The three brands, namely "Prince Fresh", "Prince Lifestyle", and "Prince Market", are advanced in synergy to integrate into the community, aiming to meet the customers' ever-increasing needs for a better life.

    Relative projects

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